Type of activity in the territory of FEZ Nukus

Types of activity in the territory of FEZ "Nukus"


The main direction of economic entities of the FEZ Nukus is the production of a wide range of high-tech products that are competitive in world markets through the introduction of modern foreign high-performance equipment and machinery, technological lines and modules, and innovative technologies.

All conditions for the creation of industrial complexes with a full cycle of production from raw materials to finished products in the pharmaceutical industry have been created on the territory of the FEZ.

Proceeding from the concept of creation of FEZ "Nukus", on its territory are located enterprises for the production of medicinal products

o manufacture of medicinal products

o processing and packaging of pharmaceutical products

o manufacture of plastic and polymeric products for medical purposes

o manufacture of finished medicines and medical devices

o deep processing of pharmaceutical products

o environmentally safe pharmaceutical industry

o other foreign exchange-worth and export-oriented pharmaceutical products


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