The procedure for registration as a participant in the free economic zone Nukus

The procedure for registration as a participant in the FEZ "Nukus"

At the first stage of selection, the investor submits to the Directorate a completed investment application for the location of production in the FEZ territory (hereinafter referred to as the investment application) in the form approved by the Administrative Council of the FEZ (hereinafter - the Administrative Council), with its annex:

 information on the availability of state registration of a legal entity (investor) or other document confirming the activity of this investor;

 business plan of the proposed investment project;

 information confirming the existence of the investor's experience in the relevant sphere and / or implementation of similar investment projects (if any);

 information on the financial and economic activities of the investor for the last three years.

All documents are submitted by the investor to the Directorate with an attached certified translation into the state or Russian language. The investor is responsible for the accuracy of the information and documents submitted.


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