Registration of a participant of the NUKUS-Farm FEZ

Registration of the participant of FEZ "Nukus-Farm"


Within 10 working days from the date of signing the investment agreement, the investor, in cases provided for by law, submits to the registering authority the relevant documents required for the state registration of the economic entity created by it.

The state registration of economic entities created by investors for placement on the territory of the Nukus Farm FEZ is carried out in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan for state registration of legal entities.

Preparation of the necessary documents for state registration is carried out at the investor's choice:

• by the investor;

• on a contractual basis - by the Directorate of FEZ "Nukus-Farm" or other persons.

After the state registration, the investor submits the following documents to the Directorate of FEZ "Nukus-Farm":

• application for inclusion in the register of the participant of the FEZ "Nukus-Farm";

• Notarized copy of the certificate of state registration of a legal entity;

• documents confirming the payment of a one-time fee for registration as a participant in the Nukus Farm FEZ.

Directorate of FEZ "Nukus-Farm" on the basis of the submitted documents within 2 working days carries out the inclusion of the economic entity in the register of participants of the FEZ "Nukus-Farm" and the issuance of the certificate of the participant of the FEZ "Nukus-Farm".

The document confirming the registration of economic entities as a participant in the FEZ "Nukus-Farm" is a certificate of the participant of the FEZ "Nukus-Farm", issued by the Directorate of the FEZ "Nukus-Farm".


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