The meeting of investors on the same site

The meeting of investors on the same site

Yesterday, July 12, was held the first meeting of the unified platform of open discussion of investment proposals of foreign and local investors.

This meeting will be held each week with investors in various sectors: energy, engineering, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, tourism, education and so on.

The organizer of these weekly meetings is the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on investment, with the participation of the Commissioner of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on protection of rights and legal interests of business entities and the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


Participants of the unified platform of open discussion of investment proposals were representatives of diplomatic missions of foreign countries in Uzbekistan, heads of state and economic management. A meeting was held with the participation of the authorized under the president to protect the rights and legitimate interests of businesses.

In his speech, the Head of the CCI A.Ikramov noted that the Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the UNDP launched a new project "Improvement of the business environment in the regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan", which is aimed at targeted regions of our country, increasing their investment attractiveness, identifying their economic benefits and the dissemination of information about them among potential foreign investors. A.Ikramov also said that studies conducted in the Republic of Karakalpakstan to identify investment opportunities in each region, which resulted in conjunction with the Investments Committee prepared "Investment Guide to the Republic of Karakalpakstan" in Russian and English languages. It is also planned to hold a presentation of the book on "International Investment Forum", which will be held in Nukus with the participation of foreign companies.


"Today we are also working on the diagnosis of Kashkadarya region in the context of sectors and regions, the results of which will soon be prepared and presented corresponding to the" Investment Guide to Kashkadarya overgrown ", also plan to hold a large international event in Karshi in September so. city, which will be invited potential investors from abroad and acquainted with the investment potential of the region "- said the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce.

At the conclusion of his speech A.Ikramov noted that CCI work is being done not only in regional centers, but also the regions of the country. For example, these days ends work on the analysis of investment potential Kuyichirchik district of Tashkent region and develop on its basis, "investment guide", work has begun on a detailed study of the issues of improving the FEZ created in the regions, in the light of the adoption of the concept of tax reform, as well as taking into account the best international practices.

It should be noted that this platform helps to inform potential investors about the existing resource, the industrial potential of the country, as well as to establish a direct and constructive dialogue between local and foreign investors, government agencies.

During the discussion of investment proposals will identify suitable investment options, systemic issues requiring a comprehensive review and consistent solutions. On a single site mechanism of prompt solution of particular problems of investors it will also be created.

Each meeting will be held in the format of "open doors" to discuss issues of specific sectors of the economy - oil and gas, chemical, textile and other.


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